They Said It

by Fred Pearlman

Dallas Mavs Owner Mark Cuban, on his interest in purchasing the Dodgers: “My concern is someone is going to overpay.  I’ve got a lot of money but not unlimited money.  You don’t want all your money going to Frank McCourt.  You want to be able to rebuild and invest in players.”

From the other calendar, this message on a Cake, after the order was placed to say ‘Dear Suzanne’, and underneath that, ‘We will miss you’:

“Dear Suzanne.

Under Neat That

We will Miss you.”

Happy Birthday to Sandy Koufax!

From nightlines, Jay Leno:  “Congress now has a 10% approval rating.  That seems way too high.”

For the ZERO(s) of the year, who else but Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno?   What Sandusky did was unspeakable, all of you are familiar with the case.  However Paterno’s actions were just as bad.  He put the Penn State football program ahead of the welfare of Children.  Many are to blame, but as in most top athletic programs in college football or basketball, the Head Coach is the ‘President’.  He runs every aspect of the program, and no one fits that criteria more than Paterno.  He’s lucky just to have gotten fired, he should be going to jail along with Sandusky.

On a more positive note, (but not a totally happy one), the HERO of the year is Kenny Browning.  After a legendary career as a High School Coach at Northern Durham, he was hired by Mack Brown in the early 1990’s, as a UNC Assistant Coach.   He is the ONLY Coach to have served under Mack Brown, Carl Torbush, John Bunting, Butch Davis, and Everett Withers.  He was a DT coach, DL Coach, Defensive coordinator, Tight Ends coach, and Running Backs Coach, and I believe some type of recruiting coordinator as well.  He did an excellent job at all of those positions.     I’ve been lucky enough to have met him a few times, (with some of y’all on occasion), at Radio Shows and at a couple of the bowl games in recent years.     He will always be one of my favorite UNC coaches.  You would be hard-pressed to find anyone in the coaching circle who has anything negative to say about him.      The new UNC Coach, Larry Fedora, will announce his new staff January 2/3, and all indications are that Kenny Browning was not retained, and that his time at UNC has come to an end.   I hope I am wrong about that, that he will still be at UNC.  We’ll find out soon.   Either way, he should be recognized for what he’s done for UNC over the years.