Vinyl Frontier: Retro Reviews – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

by Andrew David James

…After 15 years struggling along with his failed outfit Oasis, little known singer/songwriter Noel Gallagher decided to leave the group after a rather nasty altercation with lead singer and his younger brother Liam that involved a plum. Oasis had a small but loyal fan base who followed them as they toured British Legions and Working Men’s clubs in the North West of England.

Now Noel is back with his audiobook extolling the virtues of pigeon fancying. Noel is not known for his musical prowess so it comes as something of a shock when ‘Everybody’s On The Run’ is actually rather good. Short on panting marathon athletes but long on some imaginative drumming and the soulful vocals from Noel and his backing choir. The strings usher it out expertly. For a journey man, this guy knows his way round the decks.

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