Flying along with The 3D RadioActivity

I’m Uncle Marty, we are cruising at altitude on The Award Winning 3D RadioActivity this week, as we feature a musical flying formation, so you can loosen your seatbelts and walk freely about the cabin, Miss Vickie will be your hostess. On this episode we are playing songs about Flight, the process by which an object moves, through an atmosphere (especially the air) or beyond it (as in the case of spaceflight), by generating aerodynamic lift, propulsive thrust, aerostatically using buoyancy, or by ballistic movement, without direct support from any surface. Many things fly, from natural aviators such as birds, bats and insects to human inventions such as missiles, aircraft such as airplanes, helicopters and balloons, to rockets such as spacecraft. We have music that will give you a lift, some extra thrust, and just a bit of pep in your step as we spread our wings at Miss Vickies’ request, with
Sean as out co-pilot to present a musical view of this process better known as Flying.


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Uncle Marty

“It’s not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on.”

— Marilyn Monroe