Booth Reviews: Gangster Squad with Ryan Gosling and Sean Penn


Once again I have to give credit to the people who are responsible for putting together the trailers for movies. Way too often the trailers turn out to be better then the movies themselves. Or at the least they show bits of the best parts of the movie. A good trailer will entice or sucker […]

Booth Reviews – “Zero Dark Thirty” with Jessica Chastain


It’s interesting that the two movies that will likely duke it out for Best Picture at the Academy Awards are both epic films on different parts of our nation’s history. “Lincoln” covers the final days of our 16th President as the Civil War came to an end and along with it,  the abolishment of slavery. […]

Booth Reviews: “This Is 40” and “Guilt Trip”


A holiday twofer as I saw a pair of movies over the weekend (“This is 40” and “Guilt Trip”). Neither was great but both kept my interest enough to give them passing grades. “This is 40” is the follow up to “Knocked Up” in which Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann reprise their roles as  a […]

Booth Reviews: Lincoln with Daniel Day Lewis


The movie “Lincoln” was everything it was hyped up to be and more. Not the most exciting of films ever made but the acting and direction was top notch. Daniel Day Lewis (maybe the best actor of his generation) has already garnered two best acting awards. And with his stunning portrayal of our sixteenth President […]

Booth Reviews: Skyfall with Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig in Skyfall (United Artists)

“Bond, James Bond.” I was in love with the 007 movies the first time I saw Sean Connery on screen and I’ve looked forward to all 23 of them ever since. The latest installment in the 50 year history is titled,  “Skyfall.” Many critics are calling this the best Bond movie ever. Those critics are […]

Booth Reviews: Flight with Denzel Washington


We’re getting near the end of the calendar, and that means we’re getting some of the better movies of the year. Very recently “Argo” came out and undoubtedly will be nominated in the Best Picture category. And now you can add “Flight” to that same list. I’m sure you’ve all seen the incredible trailers for […]

Movie Review – Argo


Simply put, “Argo” is one of the best movies of the year and will definitely be nominated as such when the Academy Awards come out later on. Ben Affleck directs and stars as real life CIA operative, Tony Mendez who led one of the great escapes in history getting six Americans out of Tehran during […]

Movie Review: Trouble With The Curve


It never ceases to amaze me how big time entertainers can be so polished when they have a script to work with and look so goofy without one. Ever notice how silly some of the biggest names in Hollywood are when they appear on the various talk shows? A case in point is Clint Eastwood. […]

Movie Review: Batman – The Dark Knight Rises


I had an array of emotions even before going to see the latest Batman flick, “The Dark Knight Rises”. This was just a little more then twenty-four hours after the senseless and horrific incident out in Colorado. Normally movies are a form of escapism from the real world but on this occasion how could anybody […]

Movie Review – Ted


I have to admit that I was skeptical about the movie “Ted” when I initially saw the trailers a few months back. After all, how good can a movie about a teddy bear coming to life actually be? Well seeing was believing, as it was two hours of creativity, emotion, and definitely a lot of […]

Movie Review – Snow White and the Huntsman


The latest version of Snow White is unlike any version you’ve ever seen before. In other words, this isn’t your Grandparents’ Snow White. The recent release is titled “Snow White And The Huntsman,” and it appears to be a combination of “Lord Of The Rings” and “Braveheart.” Most everyone knows the story of Snow White, […]

Movie Review – The Avengers


Once again I probably will be in the minority in my opinion but I just did not like “The Avengers”. I certainly wanted to and I definitely looked forward to seeing it but I was not only let down but also bored with it. Credit though to the studio which raked in $200 million in […]

Movie Review – The Three Stooges


There is hardly a day that goes by that something doesn’t remind me of the Three Stooges. Very possibly because I have pictures and posters of them all over my house. But also because so many of their lines pop up into my head and I love using them in conversation. Needless to say that […]

Movie Review – 21 Jump Street


I was out of town when “21 Jump Street” first came out and was excited to finally see it. Adjectives such as “Hilarious”, “Incredibly Funny” and “Knee Slapping” were used to describe the movie by various national critics, so needless to say I was ready to bust a gut laughing. But a funny thing happened […]

Movie Review – Contraband


I was really looking forward to “Contraband” as I’m a big Mark Wahlberg fan. But I should have known that I might be let down due to the release date. Very few movies that come out early in the calendar year turn out to be winners. The movie studios usually rush to get out their […]