Cleveland Sports Misery: This Is a New One

To understand a Cleveland fan, or just the sports landscape of the city itself, out-of-town and national writers must feel obligated to offer up the preamble.  Before any success can be achieved or any praise be given, we must be reminded of the failure, or is it failures?  It seems like either could work, and […]

Coverage of the New York Giants win from the NY Post

Writer Paul Schwartz penned his story with the following introduction, “At the end, Tom Coughlin did not need to push and prod his Giants, did not need to preach “All In” any longer, did not need to insist and demand and plea for his players to please, please, just “Finish.” “All he needed to do […]

Giants Victory Coverage from the NY Post

Here is the lead story from our friends at the New York Post SAN FRANCISCO ­— On the road. In the NFC Championship. In overtime. The Patriots, already in, awaiting the winner. Harsh weather affecting every move. A draining, physical battle. A field goal to win it. It was all so eerily familiar. “Everything that […]