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The Future Of Radio

About Internet FM

InternetFM is made possible by the efforts of many talented individuals, who bring you great programming in music, original sports reporting, and a home improvement talk radio network.  
Originally known as Sports Radio Nightly, our company began in 1993 as a nightly sports programming in Chicago. Within a year we had branched out into non-sports talk, and when we incorporated, the company name was changed to SRN Broadcasting. 
By 1995, we could see that the world wide web provided opportunities for broadcasters that terrestrial radio could not, so we created the brand name InternetFM, and registered the domain name InternetFM.com with an eye towards the future.  

Our History

The Journey To Now

Acid Flashback radio was launched in 2012 as a 24/7 free form rock station with the goal of recreating the progressive rock formats of the late sixties and early seventies.

In 2018 we added our first mobile app, leveraging our relationship with other independent Internet broadcasters, to eventually include dozens of online radio stations representing ten different music genres – all in an easy to use, ad free presentation. Get more information and download links to the app stores.

In 2021, SRN split into two companies – SRN Broadcasting, which is comprised of Acid Flashback radio, Home Improvement radio, and the sports reporting division. InternetFM, which is comprised of the InternetFM app and the content curation of the InternetFM website.

The Team

Steve Leventhal

Co-founder, CEO, Radio Relations and Outreach. Thirty years experience in broadcast radio, as well as GM of flagship station - Acid Flashback radio.

Eric Leventhal

Co-Founder, VP-Technology, New Music Director. BS in Electrical Engineering. Band outreach, interviews, and concert reviews.

Jazz Gordan

Head of Media and Marketing. 13 years in digital media with a focus on Entertainment.

Adiel Cohen

Android, Firebase, back-end developer

Greg Wishart

Degree in Computer Systems Technology. Application, custom software, and mobile application development. Specializing in Windows, macOS, iOS, and tvOS.

InternetFM also has multiple members of the advisory team
in Sales, Marketing, SEO, Graphics, Video Production, Legal, and Financial.

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