3D RadioActivity

Uncle Marty and The Seanimal host The Award Winning 3D RadioActivity. We have over 100 feet of vinyl in the collection, and well over 100,000 song files on the hard drive. Each week, a different topic is chosen, sometimes seasonal, and songs are played that cover the idea. We present you with interesting bits of information about each song or the artist, adding the extra dimension for your list…ening enjoyment. All forms of music, from Acoustic to Zydeco. Just about anything between 20 Hz and 20 kHz.

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The 2011 SFSU BECA Award in Recognition for The Best Original Radio Program.
2012 BEA/NAB Award in the Specialty Program category.

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The 3rD Wonder

Your favorite Uncle Marty is pondering things here with you again on The 3D RadioActivity, alongside Daytona my On The Airedale wingman and co-pilot. This is our 742nd chapter, revisiting an astonishing worldly feature we are calling The 3rD Wonder.

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RadioActive Away V

Everyone’s Uncle Marty, with Daytona the on the Airedale say welcome back to our 739th adventure of The 3D RadioActivity as we undertake yet another musical GetAWAY! Listen to RadioActive Away Vhttps://archive.org/download/The3dRadioactivity/3dradio_20240428-739_RadioActiveAwayV.mp3 15 cuts, this has been another fun faceted focus. Be sure to tune in next time as we take you AWAY again with…

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3D Storytime

I’m Uncle Marty to each of you, this is The 3D RadioActivity with Daytona my On The Airedale co-pilot. This time on our 738th gathering, we encourage you to get comfortable because it’s 3D Storytime.

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Hold On 2 3D

I’m Uncle Marty to all, this is The 3D RadioActivity with Daytona my On The Airedale co-pilot as we’ve got a firm grasp on our 736th encounter with a series of songs that have a HOLD ON all of us.

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RA 3D-ozen Strings

Sort of doubling the fun as DaytonAiredale and everybody’s Uncle Marty explores one of our AND lots of other pickers favorite instruments. Many guitarists claim that whatever they do on a 12-string sounds better than on a 6 which is a significant part of the attractiveness of this sort of guitar. The sparkly dynamic flash factor is probably the biggest reason most start playing a 12 because It simply “sounds cool”, likely because of its chorus effect. Anything written for a 12 can be performed on a six, although compositons for a regular can be instantly enhanced with the extra octave of the four higher toned strings producing the distinct sound. The 12 is frequently a “hook” in pop music, attracting listeners and making the song memorable. It’s likely that there are thousands of such examples, and we’re going to provide you with a case full of them on adventure number 734 of The 3D RadioActivity

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