Paid Content Guidelines

We will consider outside content under the following circumstances:

At a minimum it is related tangentially to our three core content areas – sports, music, and home improvement

We can label it sponsored content. (THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE)

It must be approved in advance by our editorial staff.

It cannot discuss or link to any site that promotes violence, hatred, discrimination or defamation against anyone or any group of people. It cannot contain inflammatory, racist or abusive language.

It cannot contain sexually explicit content or links. It cannot contain false or misleading claims.

Gambling, sports wagering, or daily fantasy sports are acceptable.

The cost is $100 per month for two months. 

Only one article at a time. The reason for this price is not due solely to the size our our audience, but our cost to review all submissions and vet the links to ensure they meet our guidelines.

If you are willing to proceed, contact us has a combined 10k unique viewers and 300k page views per month.
Source: Awstats