InternetFM 2.2 Release

New update includes tutorial and new look settings page.

The 2.2.3 update continues the improvements offered by 2.2

Improved feedback. Register as a listener and create a display name for our future interactive features. New stations and more!

Now that the iOS version of InternetFM 2.2 is available in the App Store, along with last week’s Android update, listeners can leverage the full power of this radio app.

The most significant update is the inclusion of a step-by-step tutorial on how to make the most of the customizable features of the InternetFM app, such as rearranging the station buttons, changing the color scheme, and how to create a free account to unlock even more current and upcoming features.

iOS version

Just follow the prompts to learn all these different ways the app can be set up. Close it to stop. To try it again, simply go to Settings -> Start Tutorial

As a reminder, every registered listener can automatically generate their own unique referral code. Tell you friends to point their cameras at the QR code on the “Refer A Friend” page, or share it via email, text, or social media.

We’ve also added more stations, to bring the current total to 49, including our newest, from St. Louis.

Rock on!