Vinyl Frontier: Retro Reviews: Gaz Coombes – Here Come The Bombs

by Andrew David James ….Predictably, you cannot get too far talking about Gareth Coombes without referring to the band of which he was a member for nearly twenty years. Any solo releases from the former members were always going to be interesting purely so we might dissect the Supergrass sound and who, in what was a close knit […]

Vinyl Frontier – Retro Reviews: Supergrass – Road to Rouen

2005 was a decent year for Rock’n’roll and the release of the fifth studio album from one time Brit Pop darlings Supergrass turned out to be one of the most neglected pieces of the time. Let’s set the record straight. Supergrass should have been huge. Instead they turned out to be one of those bands who rock fans name […]