Psychedelic Time Warp

Syndicated Radio Program. Hosted by Bart Shore.

This two-hour mind expanding journey of music, comedy, and memories is an artfully crafted listening experience. Shows include a themed episodes, tributes to a rock legends, or a whimsical mixtures of great music. Every show is hosted by Bart Shore and produced in our Chicago area studios.

The following stations carry the show. ( *indicates brand new affiliate)

Oldies Radio Live365 – Fridays at 9 PM ET

Radio319 – Sundays at 8 PM (Australian ET)

Planet Radio – Sundays at 8 AM CT

K99 Rocks – Sundays at 11 AM CT*

Acid Flashback Radio – Sundays at 3 PM ET

Radio Free Phoenix – Sundays at 6 PM AZ time

KONG Monster Rock – Classic Rock, No Monkey Business – Sundays 6 PM PT, Tuesdays, 12 AM PT

B2 Internet Radio – Mondays at 10 PM CT

Listen to a full one-hour demo of the show.

We welcome station inquiries about carrying this program. It is available on a barter basis. We distribute the show weekly, using

Use the Contact page to get in touch.

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