Psychedelic Time Warp – April Fools

Hosted by Bart Shore.

This most foolish of endeavors attempts to bring some humour and levity to Psychedelic Time Warp.

Our annual April Fools special – which just to make things fun, turns our traditional format upside down. That’s intentional – and the fun consists of comedy bits, parody songs, and other foolish things.

Featuring Frank Zappa, Bob Rivers, Mojo Nixon, Dread Zeppelin, Firesign Theatre, Steve Martin, George Carlin, Flip Wilson, Monty Python, Johnny Carson, Bob Newhart, Arlo Guthrie, Allan Sherman, the Rutles, Weird Al, Ray Stevens, and more.

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Psychedelic Time Warp is a two-hour mind expanding journey of music, comedy, and memories.