Worst of the Bears-Packers Showdown – 1/6/1998

with “Packer” Dave, Len Ackerman, Steve Kohn, and Bob Greenberg.

Here’s a treat for all of you who live, breathe, eat, and sleep football.  Otherwise, you would not be listening to this travesty of broadcast journalism.  But if you can’t get enough NFL, and Packer football, this recently unearthed treasure has interviews with not one, but two Green Bay legends.  Bart Starr and Brett Favre.  Favre and teammate Dorsey Levens talk about the 21- 7 Packer win over Tampa in the 1997-98 playoffs, en route to a date with Super Bowl XXXII in San Diego.

Dave and late Bob Greenberg interview Starr, MVP of Super Bowl I and II.   Also, hear from Steve Mariucci and Steve Young of the 49ers, Green Bay’s opponent in the NFC Championship game, plus Tampa’s Tony Dungy, and Kordell Stewart of Pittsburgh.

But wait, there’s more.  Sports Director emeritus Greenberg talks with CBS radio’s Howard David to preview the NFC and AFC championships.

And of course there’s the usual assortment of stupid banter, bad jokes, and in your face radio from Len, Dave, Bob and Steve. Last but not least, ESPN’s Dick Vitale makes a cameo appearance.

Listen with limited commercial interruption.

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