Home Improvement USA – 2/25/15


Podcast with Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal ….One of our favorite guests, John Drengenberg of Underwriters Laboratories joins us to discuss power tool safety and tells us about the wide variety of products that UL test, including items that most people don’t realize, such as roof shingles.  Harry Braun talks about progress, or the lack […]

Home Improvement USA – 1/14/15

with David Rusch and Steve Leventhal We visit Ashton Ritchie of Scotts Lawn Company and learn about how to control bugs and insects that threaten your lawn. Denis Verhagen  from Travel Network discusses how the Internet has affected the travel industry, John Drengenberg from Underwriters Laboratories talks about heat producing products in the home that […]

Home Improvement USA – 11/14/14

with Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal John Elson from Inspect-It 1st discusses energy efficient lighting ideas during “This Week in Home Services.” Author and energy expert Harry Braun sheds light on the downsides of current fracking practices on “Focus on the Future.” Composite decking is featured during our interview with Starborn Industries.

Home Improvement USA – 8/15/14

with Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal Guests Bill Von Brethorst from Planetary Systems tells our listeners how to use renewable energy systems to live off the grid. Don Guzan from the D-Plantman Gardening Show returns with useful lawn and garden information, and Brian Carney from “Carney’s Crawlers” discusses the benefits of worm castings. Lastly, Dave […]

Home Improvement USA – 7/4/14

with Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal We are joined by Rebecca Fyffe of ABC Humane Wildlife Rescue who tells us a few stories about the right and wrong ways to deal with wildlife when they become unwelcome guests in your home. Energy and environmental analyst Harry Braun has concrete ideas on how to get America […]

Home Improvement USA radio – 5/2/14


with Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal Rebecca Fyffe from ABC Wildlife Rescue returns and tells us how to deal with racoons, snakes, and skunks. Kevin MacMillan from Duradek discusses his single sheet product line that covers and protects outdoor decking. Don Guzan, D-Plantman explains how composting works, what can be composted, and how to start […]

Home Improvement USA – 4/4/14


with Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal Learn about rodent control as we hear about a product called X-Cluder. Bill and Kim Sacks, experts in home and broadcast audio, talk audio for home theatre. And, Ashton Ritchie from Scotts joins us again to cover lawn and garden. In the final segment Dave and Steve discuss gutter […]

Home Improvement USA – 3/5/14


with Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal Our guests include Jeff Lynch, a home builder, discusses how to avoid common mistakes made in planning a remolding job. D-Plantman, Don Guzan, talks about environmentally friendly gardening.  Home inspector George Rieger explains what to look for when buying a new versus an older home.  Lastly, Steve gives some […]

Home Improvement USA – Podcast -1/10/14


with Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal On this edition of the Home Improvement USA Radio Podcast, home inspector George Rieger describes the process and things that turn up during a typical home inspection. He also shares his knowledge on roofing.   Julia Billen from Warmly Yours Radiant Heating tells us how you can add heated […]

Home Improvement USA – 11/15/13


with Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal Jeff Lynch from Lynch Construction talks remodeling and what to do when searching out a contractor. Todd Miller from Classic Metal Roof Systems will discuss the advantages of metal roofs, even for residential dwellings.  In our third segment, Alan Schulman makes another appearance on the show to update us […]

Home Improvement USA – 8/1/13


with Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal Mark Canella from Pro Energy Consultants talks insulation and A/C issues. Scotts Company‘s Ashton Ritchie discussed lawn and garden, and Tara D’Oliveira from Envirolet informs us about composting toilets. Lastly, get some car safety tips from Dave and Steve.

Home Improvement USA – 6/28/13


with David Rusch and Steve Leventhal Kylene Golubski gives us bathroom cleaning tips from the pros, and which all natural products really do work, and Aston Ritchie from Scotts dispenses summer lawn care advise. Also, Julianne Koenig of Jon-E-Vac explains how bathroom bacteria contributes to the noxious odors, and how to control them.   Lastly, Dave and […]

Home Improvement USA – 5/26/13


with David Rusch and Steve Leventhal Dave Roush, no relation, gives our listeners DIY tips on everyday car maintenance. Dennis Verhagen informs us on the things that every homeowner should know about their insurance coverage. Our third guest is John Robinson from HandymanConnection.com, and he describes how his company provides homeowners with dependable and knowledgeable […]

Home Improvement USA – 4/28/13


with Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal Brent Gwatney of Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies (aert.com) talks composite decking. Julianne Koenig of Jon E Vac discusses bathroom bacteria prevention, and Patricia Hansen of Multiplaz introduces us to new technologies in welding. Lastly, Dave and Steve present tips for deck maintenance and upkeep.

Home Improvement USA – 3/29/13


with David Rusch and Steve Leventhal Julianne Koenig discusses the new Jon-E-Vac toilet ventilation system. Mark Donovan from HomeAdditionPlus.com gives advice on a wide variety of home improvement problems. Also, Gymsource’s Product Manager Norm Morrison talks about the differences in home workout equipment.  Lastly, Steve and Dave offer tips on home security and burglary prevention. […]