Whats Next for the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears spent almost two decades looking for a “Franchise Quarterback.” It now appears they could spend the offseason trying to get rid of one. Adam Schefter reported early Saturday morning that several NFL executives believe that any team that is willing to absorb the $25.5 million worth of guarantees in Cutler’s contract will […]

Lions – Cutlerless Bears Preview


It has happened. I never thought this day would come… in a million years, I would never have believed that the Chicago Bears would be more of a joke then the Jacksonville Jaguars. From top to bottom, the Bears organization has failed this city and it has left its fan base shaking their heads and […]

Weekend Sports Report – 12/18/14

Jimmy Clausen interview

with Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal ..join us with our guest Les Grobstein from the Score 670 in Chicago, as we look at the Bears quarterback mess.  Highly paid Jay Cutler is being benched to give journeyman Jimmy Clausen a chance to start against Detroit on Sunday.  Everything that can go wrong for the Monsters of the Midway […]

Saints-Bears Preview

Brees and Payton

Chicago fans were buzzing this week but it had nothing to do with Marc Trestman’s future or the Chicago Bears. The signing of Jon Lester (Cubs) and the trade for Jeff Samardzija (Sox) helped a football-inept city cope with their team’s terrible season for a few days. Personally, it was nice to not have to […]

Weekend Sports Report – 12/12/14


with Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal …Jeff Rich from MoreThanaFan.net joins the guys to discuss some of the key NFL matchups this weekend, analyze the Cards win over St. Louis, and comment on what the future of the Chicago Bears holds. Hear interview audio from Clay Matthews, Mike McCarthy, Reggie Bush, Arizona coach Bruce Arians, […]

Cowboys-Bears Preview

Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray

0.8%. This is not the change in the unemployment rate for the US or the percentage of run plays Marc Trestman called in the Bears 34 – 17 loss to the Lions on Thanksgiving. It is the odds the Bears have in making the playoff this year per SportsClubStats.com. So you’re saying there’s a chance! […]

Weekend Sports Report – 12/1/14

Bears QB Jay Cutler meets with the media

with “Packer” Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal ….Join our guests Ryan Leon of CBS Sports in San Francisco to discuss the NFC playoff picture and our fantasy football expert Mike Perlow to get the best matchups for this weekend. Plus, a preview of the Bears-Cowboys game. Hear interviews from Aaron Rogers, Mike McCarthy, Jay Cutler, […]

Bears-Lions Thanksgiving Preview

Lions DT Ndamukong Suh

The Bears go into the Thanksgiving holiday with a lot to be thankful for, especially when it comes to their fans. Many of the grumblings the Bears have had to deal with over the past month have dissipated after the back to back wins over the last place Vikings and Bucs. It is surprising to […]

Weekend Sports Report – 11/24/14


with Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal …. An early edition of the WSR, since the Bears and Lions and playing on Thanksgiving. Join our guests Jeff Rich from MoreThanAFan.net and Andy Dorf from Sports Byline Sunday as they discuss the NFC North and the upcoming games. Hear interviews from Aaron Rogers, Jim Trestman, Jim Caldwell, […]

Bucs-Bears Preview

Josh McCown

I really want this Bucs-Bears game to be played as soon as humanly possible… as if the Bears 4 – 6 record was not bad enough, the consistent yammering about Josh McCown and Lovie Smith is getting obnoxious. I get it… the Bears would be the defending Super Bowl champs if Lovie was still the coach […]

Weekend Sports Report – 11/20/14


with Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal A preview of the Bears-Buccaneers and Vikings-Packers games this weekend.  Our guests are Rick Tellander of the Chicago Sun-Times and Ted Glover of The Daily Norseman. Hear interviews from Aaron Rogers, Lovie Smith, Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, Marc Trestman, Jim Caldwell, and Tom Brady. Also, don’t miss cameos from […]

Vikings vs Bears Preview

1923 Rochester Jeffersons

The Bears have to go 7 – 0. I was going to post that one line and call it a day but it wouldn’t have been fair to overlook the Vikings. It wouldn’t have been FAIR to overlook the Vikings… seriously? This is what it has come to in Chicago? Fighting with the Adrian Peterson-less […]

The Weekend Sports Report – 11/13/14

Bears QB Jay Cutler addresses the media on Thursday November 13, 2014. Photo by SRN Broadcasting

with your hosts “Packer” Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal The guys welcome back Les Grobstein to the Weekend Sports Report for more analysis of the Bears devastating loss at Green Bay and what the prognosis is for Chicago’s game at Minnesota.  Also preview of the Eagles – Packers game at Lambeau, as well as the […]

Weekend Sports Report – 11/7/14

Bears coach Marc Trestman press conference

The Weekend Sports Report is back! After a brief hiatus, the show is back in podcast form. Your host Packer Dave and his guest, former host Les Grobstein look at the Bears – Packers game at Lambeau Field this Sunday.  Co-host Steve Leventhal reports from Halas Hall with audio clips from Aaron Rogers, Mike McCarthy, […]

Bears-Packers Preview

Aaron Rodgers

When I was a youngster, my dream was to be Jerry Rice. At that time, being white and slow did not deter me from playing football. Just like me, my team was full of slow white kids who had a hard time scoring a TD, let alone winning games. My football coach would insist that […]