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Coming to you from Chicago,  Home Improvement USA is one of America’s premier home improvement radio shows that has been broadcasting weekly since 1994.

Home Improvement USA
 focuses on innovative products, practical Do-It-Yourself solutions, and a lot of user friendly advice from numerous experts in the Home Improvement field.


Dave Rusch is the on-air host and producer of Home Improvement USA

Steve Leventhal is the co-host

Broadcast Times:

Listen each TUESDAY at 5pm EST/2pm PST

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windmill-Wind-Farmwith Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal

We are joined by Rebecca Fyffe of ABC Humane Wildlife Rescue who tells us a few stories about the right and wrong ways to deal with wildlife when they become unwelcome guests in your home. Energy and environmental analyst Harry Braun has concrete ideas on how to get America off of fossil fuels and nuclear energy. He is a big proponent of renewable hydrogen energy, and get helpful housecleaning hints from Kylene Golubski of MTO-Clean. Lastly get energy saving tips from Steve and Dave.

The best Home Improvement radio since 1994

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Coffee-Beanswith Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal

Rebecca Fyffe from ABC Wildlife Rescue returns and tells us how to deal with racoons, snakes, and skunks. Kevin MacMillan from Duradek discusses his single sheet product line that covers and protects outdoor decking. Don Guzan, D-Plantman explains how composting works, what can be composted, and how to start your own compost bin. Lastly, Steve presents ten things you should know about coffee.

The in best home improvement radio since 1994.

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home-theaterwith Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal

Learn about rodent control as we hear about a product called X-Cluder. Bill and Kim Sacks, experts in home and broadcast audio, talk audio for home theatre. And, Ashton Ritchie from Scotts joins us again to cover lawn and garden. In the final segment Dave and Steve discuss gutter maintenance.


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with Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal

Our guests include Jeff Lynch, a home builder, discusses how to avoid common mistakes made in planning a remolding job. D-Plantman, Don Guzan, talks about environmentally friendly gardening.  Home inspector George Rieger explains what to look for when buying a new versus an older home.  Lastly, Steve gives some tips on mold prevention.


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kidde-COwith Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal

On this edition of the Home Improvement USA Radio Podcast, home inspector George Rieger describes the process and things that turn up during a typical home inspection. He also shares his knowledge on roofing.   Julia Billen from Warmly Yours Radiant Heating tells us how you can add heated sidewalks, fogless mirrors, and under rug heating elements to your home.  Kristen Crabtree from Kidde explains why you should replace old carbon monoxide detectors with the current state of the art product.  Lastly Dave and Steve discuss tips for hiring a contractor and how to look out for fraud.