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3D-radioactivity-logo3D RadioActivity: Uncle Marty and The Seanimal host The Award Winning 3D RadioActivity. We have over 100 feet of vinyl in the collection, and well over 100,000 song files on the hard drive. Each week, a different topic is chosen, sometimes seasonal, and songs are played that cover the idea. We present you with interesting bits of information about each song or the artist, adding the extra dimension for your list…ening enjoyment. All forms of music, from Acoustic to Zydeco. Just about anything between 20 Hz and 20 kHz.

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The 2011 SFSU BECA Award in Recognition for The Best Original Radio Program.
2012 BEA/NAB Award in the Specialty Program category.

The 3D RadioActivity home page with archived shows

bart-sunday-request-logoBart Shore’s Time Warp and Sunday Request Show: music from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s that radio forgot about.  It includes a one-hour all-request aired on fifteen radio and Internet stations around the USA. There is also a short form daily “Song of the Day” feature.



vinyl-schminyl-hour-logoBob Stern’s Vinyl Schminyl: Through the Vinyl Schminyl Radio podcast we produce, as well as the news we bring to you from many different sources we hope that you will be entertained as well as informed. PS-All the news might not be about Rock Music.

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