A Chronology of Bears Packers Game 9/28/14

Empty Soldier Field

This seemed like a better idea than a boring game report, when I started logging the game.  Little did I know what an offensive display it would be, as well as a nightmare for defensive coordinators. Here’s how I spent my day today at the Bears Packers game at Chicago’s Soldier Field. Just like in […]

Bears Come Up Just Short of NFC North Crown

bears packers

The Chicago Bears had the Green Bay Packers right where they wanted them, it was fourth-and-8 from the Bears’ 48-yard line with 46 seconds left, and the Bears leading 28-27 in a winner take all battle for the NFC North and a chance to host a playoff game. Meanwhile in the Packer huddle, Aaron Rodgers […]

Chicago Bears’ Brandon Marshall on the Packers Rivalry


It’s been quite some time since there was a player in a Bears uniform that made going to the weekly media sessions fun and entertaining. Brandon Marshall has been outspoken, usually choosing his words carefully, but providing good fodder for the media. Last week, he insinuated that there were players in the NFL using Viagara […]

Happy New Year In Women’s Sports From The Token Female!

Your "Token Female" Reporter, Alison Moran

Happy New Year…and a delightful, healthy and prosperous 2012 to all of you! As this new year dawns, I am more excited than ever to cover women’s sports and sports in general. From the 40th Anniversary of Title IX to the Women’s NCAA Finals in Denver, Colorado to the London Olympics, in September, this year is going […]

Weekend Sports Report – 12/31/2011

with Les Grobstein, Steve Leventhal, and Alison Moran This is our final WSR show on YourSportsFan, because next week you will read about our new, improved website.  Anyways, today’s show is about the last week of the NFL regular season, the last week of 2011, and perhaps the last week of Mike Martz as Bears […]

Worst of the Bears-Packers Showdown – 12/26/1996


We go back to Christmas Eve of 1996. The Packers were on their way to a date with New England in Super Bowl XXXI, and the Bears finished the season at 7-9. You will hear the debut of a very special Packer Dave “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” some bad jokes from producer “Ira Tating,” […]

Weekend Sports Report – 12/24/11

with Les Grobstein, Steve Leventhal, and Alison Moran As the NFL season winds down, the Bears have their last important game, a continuation of the best rivalry in pro sports.  We do the regular round table, have a holiday audio treat for Packer Dave, a preview of the Bulls – Lakers X-Mas Day game, and […]

Weekend Sports Report – 12/17/11

with Les Grobstein, Steve Leventhal, and Alison Moran A very lively discussion ensues over the cause/effect of the Bears loss at Denver.  Things went everywhere from there, even going so far as to include Popeye and Olive Oyl, and Alison as a would-be NFL kicker.  You get all that, plus the regular NFL round table […]