Song Of The Day by Eric Berman – “Me And My Shadow” by M. Ward

Whether with Zooey Deschanel in She & Him, or with Conor Oberst and Jim James in Monsters Of Folk, or solo like on this track, M. Ward has not made that world-class, hit-the-ball-out-of-the-park kind of record yet. There’s no question that all of his records are certainly worth a spin…and some songs like this one […]

Song Of The Day by Eric Berman – “America!” by Bill Callahan

He’s the artist sometimes known as “Smog” who has spent most of his career releasing some very quirky records. As Smog, Callahan has released 14 lo-fi albums since 1990 laced with very repetitive, simplistic and challenging music featuring strange instrumental combinations, lots of dissonance and sparse lyrics if any at all. He has also released […]

Song Of The Day by Eric Berman – “Hand Springs” by The White Stripes

PLAY LOUD…that’s all you need to know!

Song Of The Day by Eric Berman – "That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate" by Mission Of Burma

Mission of Burma came up in a late 1970s Boston independent music scene that really hadn’t been developed yet and released a handful of singles. They really were ahead of their time as far as having no framework for record distribution, publicity and all of what goes with it for them to succeed. They were […]