I’m Uncle Marty as we continue our introspective course of correction as this time we look at not one but two 2 types of jealousy.  The dictionary tells us that the most correct definition would be the feeling of being threatened by a rival in a romantic relationship.  The second is Envy, or a bitterness towards another person for having an advantage that YOU don’t have.  This kind of behavior is destructive, displays itself as having a bad attitude towards the focus of the envy and also being passive aggressive.  The best way we know how to get over it is with some good eye opening music, from the heart because that’s the way we will roll for you on chapter 420 of The 3D RadioActivity.
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We’ve reflected on the painful wanting of another’s possessions and the resentment at their success on our look at Jealous Envy, and there’s plenty of sin to go around as we have Desire, Doubt, Anger, Greed, Lust, and Laziness before we find Forgiveness in our up and coming 3D Adventures.  Confess your suggestions by sending email, to me or message me on our Facebook page.  There you can easily find links to the archives of all the earlier podcasts and cool artwork in the photo section.  As long as you are online, tell your friends to check us out, and be sure to look for us on http://www.villageconnectionmagazine.com/ Long Island, New York; MileHiRadio, TuneIn .com, Theacidflashback.comand InternetFM dot com, because the best FM radio is now on the Internet.

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Uncle Marty

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…Marilyn Monroe