This is The 3D RadioActivity, and when people ask me who my favorite sports teams to watch are, I have been known to say that I prefer to go see music instead of a ballgame, because at the end, some people are going to be unhappy with the results, however when B.B. King plays, everybody wins.  Well, that cannot be said anymore, since the passing of the great blues musician.  We have a special Memorial Day tribute to commemorate this man who had a lifelong affair with Lucille.  Back in the day, he was at a gig when an altercation escalated to the point where the venue he was playing at caught on fire.  He risked life and limb to run back in to rescue his guitar, and later on he learned that the men were fighting over a woman who went by that name.  That is why he gave his Gibson 355 that moniker, so I guess you could say that all of his tunes were duets.  This time we are commemorating him by visiting several of his works that he recorded with other friends.
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