Booth Reviews – About Us

What is “Booth Reviews?”

This is not your ordinary movie review. Two sports personalities inject their unique perspectives to review current Hollywood releases and compelling television programs. They also look at trailers for upcoming films, look back at classic sports movies in the “Instant Replay” segment, and even review sports related books and the occasional play.

Why do we need another %#@*& movie blog site?

You’re a sports fan. Even if your favorite team isn’t playing, you want to watch that mid-week match up on ESPN. However, that special someone in your life wants you to take her to a chick flick because her best friend canceled out on her.

You need to be able to look her in the eye and say, “Sure honey, I’ll go…I hear that Drew Barrymore has become a pretty good director. I’ll just watch the highlights on Sportscenter.” Conversely, you want to have that knowledge to say with certainty, “You know, Jennifer Aniston just doesn’t have the same presence she did on the small screen. Let’s wait for the DVD.”

What if you are at a cocktail party and some stuffed shirt makes a reference about renowned Japanese filmmaker Kurosawa. You can then retort with, “Sure his best known film is the “Seven Samurai,” but he really made his mark in the film industry with “Roshomon.”

Don’t worry about getting caught peeking at a copy of “Entertainment Weekly” to fill out the office Oscar pool. We’ll tell you everything you need to know.