Hero and Zero of the Week

Michael Jordan, on playing for UNC, and also for Bob Knight on the 1984 Olympic Team:

“My Coach, Dean Smith, and Coach Knight are about the same except for the language.”

From the other calendar, this in a candy store in Pakistan: “Butt Sweets.”

Jimmy Fallon: “Justin Bieber and President Obama, both in New York tonight. Traffic gridlock with the most powerful man in the World, and right down the street, President Obama.”

Happy Birthday to Amanda Donohoe!

For the ZERO of the week, how about NBC?? NO, nothing political this time, although the way they keep editing footage (Trayvon Martin Case, Mitt Romney talking about Wa Wa’s) is interesting. Instead, we’ll go to an interview Bob Costas had with Jerry Sandusky. Everyone knows the horrific things Sandusky did, however to defend himself months ago, he had an interview on NBC. However NBC cut out a few of his statements, including when he said he didn’t target all of the children he helped for sexual favors! Yes, he said he did not target ALL! Rather self-incriminating, not sure why NBC would edit that out. Bob Costas is usually a pretty good journalist, maybe it was NBC, and he knew nothing of it. I can’t imagine why NBC would want to help Sandusky, although honestly, it’s difficult to figure out anything they do.

For the HERO of the week, how about Leroy Neiman, the famed artist, who died last week. No doubt all of you have seen some of his work, and he is possibly best known for his sports work. I’ve never been much into art, however some of his stuff I’ve happened to see has been striking.