Hero & Zero of the Week

russell-johnsonSO for this week’s ZERO, we’ll go with Saints receiver Marques Colston.   I’m sure all of you saw the absurd play to end their playoff loss to Seattle.  ALL he has to do is step out of bounds, at about the Seattle 35 yard line, and the Saints have at least one more play to tie the game.    Instead he not only tries to throw a lateral, the ball goes about 4 yard forward, so with the penalty and the 10 second runoff, the game is over.   I never, ever root for the Saints, but I sort of them wanted them to win, as the winner of the Panthers-Niners game would have hosted the Saints this weekend.  As it turned out, since the Panthers lost, it didn’t really matter.  

Speaking of the Panthers, I was going to choose a couple of them for HERO of the Week,  even with their loss, as they had an awesome season.    However we must note the death of one of our favorite professors, Russell Johnson.     So smart, he was simply called ‘Professor.’     Of course I’m talking about the Professor on Gilligan’s Island,  one of those great 70’s shows we all watched many years ago.   Dawn Wells, (Mary Ann,) said Johnson, both on the set and off, was one of the best, nicest people she’d ever met.