This is The 3D RadioActivity, I’m Uncle Marty, and on this episode, since The USA just celebrated it’s birthday to start it’s 239th year, so appropriately enough, Sean and I are going to observe it with our 239th show playing tracks revolving around the word Free.
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or download here:’re going to do more summertime seconds now that the solstice has occured, with Cars, Fly, & Move, as some of topics we will revisit, along with a varitety of awards in August.  Got any suggestions?  ~ send an email or if you are on Facebook , look for The 3D RadioActivity where you can “Like ” the program and leave me a message there too.

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Always remember the rules, Have Fun & play nice with others.  Thanks for turning me on & tuning me in!

Uncle Marty

“Education is When You Read the Fine Print.
Experience is What You Get If You Don’t.”

~ Pete Seeger