Cars can be considered a symbol of an individual’s success, whether they are driving a Caddy, Lincoln, Ferrari, Mercedes, or even the almighty Volkswagen.  Big thanks to my good friend Radio Dave who provided me with a fine selection of automotive melodies, with over a thousand tracks to choose from.  We’ve played Car tunes twice before, covering nearly 70 numbers so far, and since the season is condusive to getting out and about, that’s what we’re doing this week on The 3D RadioActivity.
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Drive back again in a week, as we take off literally with another episode featuring songs that will be up in the air.  Be sure to file your flight plans and ideas with an email to me or if you are on Facebook , look for The 3D RadioActivity where you can “Like ” the program and leave me a message there too.

Thanks for dialing in, and we will “ear” you next time.  Rock On!

Uncle Marty

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~ Pete Seeger