Indiegogo Campaign

indiegogo-logo1-600x144On March 5th, 2014 we launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for Acid Flashback radio and the web site.

On April 19th we successfully concluded the campaign and raised $2833, almost 110% of the original objective.

Our goal was to raise AT LEAST $2600 to:

  •  Boost streaming capacity
  •  Upgrade our software
  •  Improve our website
  •  Create apps for the smartphone and tablet markets
  •  Find more stations and specialty shows
  •  Find more podcasts, and bloggers to join our network

Here is a link to the project page:

We’ve also created a short link that you can share:

Here are the heroes who have rocked our world by backing our campaign….

Otis Jones

Shawn Putman


Scott Cohen

Tom Swanson

Vinay Sawhney

Rich & Pia Gordon

Clayton Watkins

David Joss

Craig Crutchfield

Deepak Sawhney


Anthony Zappa

Fritz Arndt

Tim Sanford

Dave Weston

Eric Leventhal

Chris Bishopp

Rick Clute

Bret Zacher

Rob Stuart

Mark Meyers

Katie Powell


David Frazer

Eric Berman

Robin Leventhal

Richard Brenner

Marcus Johnson

Bob Lineberger

Nancy Thompkins

and 11 anonymous backers

Thanks for being a part of the future of radio on the Internet!