InternetFM Launches Subscription Model

Low cost plans aim to support stations and musicians.

(LAKE BLUFF, IL) – InternetFM is rolling out a new update featuring a subscription plan for our music streaming platform. Listeners can choose from two options: $4.99 per month or $49.99 a year.

We have been free since launch in 2018. We want to turn our radio venture from a hobby into a business.

Music isn’t free. All radio stations must pay publishers’ royalties to broadcast recorded music. Traditional over-the-air radio stations sell advertising to cover their costs. They are also exempt from paying performance rights such as SoundExchange.

We personally dislike ads, so we are offering an ad-free alternative in the form of a subscription based plan.

It is important to us to support the artists as well as our affiliate stations. As such, a portion of the revenue will be shared with our partner radio stations.

As of August 10, 2023 – all existing listeners who download version 3.0 will get the full-featured version of InternetFM free for thirty days. Unregistered listeners have the same opportunity to test drive the app. After the two weeks are up, all registered users must purchase a monthly or annual subscription to continue using all the features.

What subscribed listeners get:

1. The ability to program all eighteen preset station buttons.
2. A choice of exclusive radio “skins” that look cool.
3. Access to station-specific chat rooms.

InternetFM skin – portable cassette theme

Free listeners will still be able to use the app, with some limitations.

Eric Leventhal, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of InternetFM says, “We and many of our affiliates have been pursuing it as a hobby for a long time. We care about the music, pouring time and energy into the stations to give our listeners the best musical experience possible. In order to continue these passion projects we are creating a mechanism for financial support. We invite you to support the deejays and the artists who make this possible.”

InternetFM is continuing its product development plans. That includes more skins, more stations, in-car features, TV set top boxes, and artist outreach.

We invite all listeners to support the future of Internet radio.

Link to more information on the InternetFM app

Show support for your favorite station by registering for free with their unique promo code.

The app is now available for download:

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