Services…the following services are being offered to broadcasting entities, terrestrial radio stations, Internet broadcasters, and individuals interested in broadcasting.  We offer everything from turnkey solutions, to augmenting your existing operation.

Computer: Custom-built systems to handle all aspects of station programming and streaming.

  • Hardware designed, loaded and tested with radio software and programming to  broadcast specifications
  • Stationplaylist Creator and Studio to handle music programming, song scheduling,  and additional software to maximize sound processing.
  • Programming services featuring customized formats that include music, production and other broadcast elements for automated or live-assist operation.
  • Monitoring of machines and interconnection with our studios to assure smooth operation and quick resolution to problems, including on site and off site backups.
Digital editing software for production, editing, and mastering

Streaming Services:

  • installing streaming software, including audio processing for quality Internet webcasting
  • private server for internal streaming such as remote and private network use
  • maintenance of Podcasting and assistance in hosting
  • overseeing of streaming and computer system via Virtual Private Network (VPN) for quick fixes and upgrading


  • A full range of services from a la carte to fully developed radio formats for Internet and broadcast radio developed by veteran professional programmers, with major market experience.
  • Services are tailored to your market, budget and needs; from supplementing an existing format to whole scale format research and development.
  • Production from major market voices and editors. Quick turnaround through VPN network.
  • Production elements such as Voice Tracking and Custom Liners
  • Copywriting, Script Production, Broadcast Coaching


  • Total site development and maintenance
  • Custom widgets to add to existing sites
  • Popup players for Internet streams
  • Facebook, Twitter, and other social media
  • Marketing to industry directories