The Hunt for Venture Capital – Our First Success

It really isn’t a stretch to use the well worn Grateful Dead quote, “What a long strange trip it’s been.” Two years ago Eric Leventhal and I stood up in front of a group of entrepreneurs, investors, and other invited guests as part of a pitch contest at the Chicago chapter of StartUp Grind. It was the first public pitch for InternetFM and to say it was a disaster, would be an understatement. We absolutely bombed.

Try, Just A Little Bit Harder

The fact that we did not properly prepare for this presentation, and did not rehearse nearly enough. I was really the guilty party, taking way too much time for the introduction, and not nearly enough for the presentation and Q&A. However, we took our lumps and hunkered down to fine tune our message. We also completely overhauled our presentation materials. Since that day, we have given our pitch at least fifty times, to friends and family, formal startup groups, pitch practices, and even in Clubhouse rooms. I can’t stress enough how important it was to take advantage of any change to get in front of someone and talk about InternetFM. Read the rest of the story on