Worst of the Bears-Packers Showdown – 12/26/1996

We go back to Christmas Eve of 1996. The Packers were on their way to a date with New England in Super Bowl XXXI, and the Bears finished the season at 7-9.

You will hear the debut of a very special Packer Dave “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” some bad jokes from producer “Ira Tating,” some very good jokes from Steve Kohn, and some great retorts from Len.

Get a load of these names that are discussed on this show: Alonzo Spellman, Brad Johnson, Dave Kreig, Andre Rison, Shane Matthews, Wayme Fonts, and Raymont Harris.

So with our sincerest apologies, and we are not liable if you cannot contain you bladder, we present this mostly forgettable episode in the BPS annals.

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