My Top Ten Dean Smith Wins


I’ll countdown my top ten Dean Smith wins at UNC, leaving out only two types of games, national championship wins, (as obviously those are my favorites) and any game against Duke, which almost demand their own category. #10:  UNC-Maryland, 1976, at Maryland, UNC won 81-69.    UNC and Maryland were two of the very best teams […]

Hero & Zero of the Week

UNC player Diamond DeShields 
(Courtesy: Daily Tar Heel)

For the HERO and ZERO of the week, we’ll go with 3 local Women’s Coaches! When the Women’s bracket was announced, Duke coach Joanne McCallie quickly voiced her displeasure with the parings, which I believe had Duke as the #2 seed in the same region where UConn was #1.  She said they must not want […]

Hero & Zero of the Week


SO for this week’s ZERO, we’ll go with Saints receiver Marques Colston.   I’m sure all of you saw the absurd play to end their playoff loss to Seattle.  ALL he has to do is step out of bounds, at about the Seattle 35 yard line, and the Saints have at least one more play to […]

Hero & Zero of the Week


FORMER NBAer Chuck Person, on his shot selection: “When I step into the building, you’ve got to get me the ball. When I step off the bus, I’m open.” Reminds me of when Serge Zwikker fired up a 20 footer, which missed badly. Dean Smith told him, ‘There is a reason you’re open.’ FROM the […]

Hero and Zero of the Week


For the ZERO of the week, how about Dwight Howard?   In what has become commonplace, once more he’s deciding where he wants to play next season.   He does not like playing in LA, because he wants to be ‘the main guy’, but he also wants there to be other really good players on his team […]

Hero and Zero of the Week


For the ZERO of the week, how about Rutgers President Robert Barchi?!   No doubt all of you have kept up at least a little with what has gone on there recently.   First the AD lost his job because of the abusive behavior of the Basketball Coach, (who was also fired.) Then the replacement, Eddie Jordan, […]

Hero & Zero of the Week – JR Smith and Stephen Curry


For the ZERO of the week, how about Knicks super-sub JR Smith.    I hate picking an ‘almost UNC player’, as Zero, and in fact, he’d played so well recently he was in contention for a Hero selection.   However at the end of their game 3 win over Boston, he elbowed a Boston player in the […]

Hero and Zero of the Week


Michael Jordan, on playing for UNC, and also for Bob Knight on the 1984 Olympic Team: “My Coach, Dean Smith, and Coach Knight are about the same except for the language.” From the other calendar, this in a candy store in Pakistan: “Butt Sweets.” Jimmy Fallon: “Justin Bieber and President Obama, both in New York […]

They Said It – Hero & Zero of the Week


Clark Griffith, Owner of the Washington Senators, about the team: “The fans like to see home runs, and we have assembled a pitching staff for their enjoyment.” From the other calendar, a Prosecutor to a witness, after being told by the Judge he can’t ask the witness what he was told by someone else: “Very […]

They Said it – with Hero and Zero of the Week


Pam Shriver, on ESPN during the Australian Open, after reading the network’s promo for the Winter X Games: “You know, I’m happy I played a sport where you’d make a mistake and the worst thing that could happen to you was Love-15.” From the other calendar, these ‘special’ days in February, including the designation as […]