Song Of The Day by Eric Berman – “I Just Can’t Help Believing” by Elvis Presley


Everybody has a favorite version of Elvis: the hip-swivellin’ 1950s hep-cat, the swarmy good ‘ol boy of his many second rate films, the leather-clad comeback kid of 1968, the sequined-suited star of Vegas, and, sadly, the fat bloated disaster of the late ‘70s before he met his maker, 35 years ago today. My particular favorite […]

The End of the Streak, and an Arizona Road Trip


The ongoing adventures of Steve Leventhal in Las Vegas 2012 Day One | Day Two |  Day Three | Day Four/Five/Six Day Four Finally, at long last the drought is over. Or as White Sox announcer Ken Harrelson would exclaim, “The drought is ovah.” At 1:15 PM PT, I was finally in possession of a […]

The Bubble Boy in the City of Lost Wages


Day One | Day Two | Day Three | Day Four/Five/Six part three of my odyssey in Sin City “The Bubble Boy” That is the one distinction that no poker player wants, yet I was one yesterday. The bubble boy is the moniker given to the unfortunate player who is the last one ousted from […]

Day Two: Welcome to the World Series of Poker


Day One | Day Two | Day Three | Day Four/Five/Six Day Two: After a semblance of sleep, the effect of yesterday’s gastric tidal wave a fading memory, I set off for the Rio in search of tournament glory. The first hurdle was getting to the Rio, home of the WSOP. After trekking all the […]

On The Road – Las Vegas 2012


Day One | Day Two | Day Three | Day Four/Five/Six Day One I should have known this wouldn’t be an ordinary trip when I showed up at the airport and checked my seat assignment – 27B. The dreaded middle seat. Of course, with a free/no charge/gratis ticket I shouldn’t have expected much. My complimentary […]