So onThe 3D RadioActivity # 331, we’re asking what you believe in? Could it be Bhudda, God or Mohammed? Maybe true love, equal rights or a fair wage for your efforts? It may be of the opinion, imagine, suspect, suppose, assume, presume, conjecture, surmise, conclude, deduce, be given to understand, gather, fancy, guess, have an idea that,and dare say that Uncle Marty believes in good times that can’t be beat which is why on this episode we are playing songs about what is accepted as the truth. More reasons you can believe in!

3D Believe

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As we get near the end of of this session about belief, it’s time to reflect on it’s inner meanings and our feelings, so there is our feature for next time, to be followed the week after that by our look back at musicians who are no longer with us.

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Rock On!

Uncle Marty

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