With Halloween rapidly approaching The 3D RadioActivity is playing music about body parts which seems appropriate to the season, so that is what we will do, focusing on one area.  Now while every tune this time will mention the the word representing the part between the shoulder blades and hips, not all of these tracks are related to anatomy.
3D Body Parts - The Back

You can click to listen:

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or download 3D Body Parts – The Back here:

Next week, our musical feature will focus on heads, and we will wrap our arms around things after that as we have fun with body parts for Halloween.   If you have any suggestions, then either email them, or post a message on our Facebook page where you can “Like ” the program and leave me your ideas.  Look for us online here https://archive.org/details/The3dRadioactivity to find all of the previous shows, and all over the web via TuneIn .com, & InternetFM too.

Always remember the rules: Have Fun & play nice with others.  Thanks for turning me on & tuning me in!

Uncle Marty

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