Concert Review – tUnE-yArDs at Lincoln Hall

Experimental musician Merril Garbus and her band tUnE-yArDs (the spelling is on purpose) made another appearance in town, since their celebrated performance at Pitchfork this summer.  Wednesday was an all-ages show and Thursday was for the big kids.

Garbus’ stock in trade is the use of drum and vocal loops while singing along, sometime playing ukelele and accompanied by bassist Nate Brenner. On the new T-Y album, she has added two saxophonists.

When you watch them on video, it seems rather disjointed, but live it’s a completely different feel.  For starters, n0ne of the loops you hear are pre-recorded.  That’s right, she adds them in right on the stage, and I was literally in front of  her, as you can see from the photos. It was a great vibe, as the crowd was singing and dancing right along.

The sound is a blend of “Art of Noise,” the “Rhythm Devils,” Yoko Ono, and the sultry vocals of Joan Armitrading.

The opener was the Pat Jordache band, with a heavy 80’s influenced sound, mixing the Smiths with Fine Young Cannibals.

tUnE-yArDs at Licoln Hall – November 10, 2011

Party Can
Gangsta (link to You Tube video)
You Yes You
My Country
Real Live Flesh