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A cowboy is an animal herder who tends these critters on the range, traditionally on horseback, and often performs a multitude of other related tasks.  In addition, some work for, or participate in rodeos.  In today’s society, he is also portrayed as a masculine tough guy ideal via images ranging from the Marlboro Man to the Village People.  Similarly, the phrase “all hat and no cattle” is used to describe someone who boasts about himself, far in excess of any actual accomplishments.  However, the reality is that many people, particularly in the West, including lawyers, bankers, and other white collar professionals wear elements of Western clothing, particularly boots or wide brimmed hats, as a matter of form even though they have other jobs.  This is especially true when applied to entertainers and those in the public arena who don western wear as part of their persona, as some actors who portrayed cowboys promoted positive values, such as the “cowboy code” of Gene Autry, that encouraged honorable behavior, respect and patriotism.

The long history of the West in popular culture tends to define those dressed in Western clothing as cowboys or cowgirls whether they have ever been on a horse or not. Cowgirls, first defined as such in the late 19th century, had a less-well documented historical role, but in the modern world have established the ability to work at virtually identical tasks and obtained considerable respect for their achievements.   Institutions such as the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame have made significant efforts in recent years to gather and document the contributions of women.
Photo: Cow People in 3D
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