Over the years, we have been fortunate to interview some of the biggest names in music, and a number of up and coming artists.

Here is an archive of our past interviews:

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Interview with Eminence Ensemble

Denver area six-piece jam band releases new album. Founded in Boulder by childhood friends Justin Neely (guitar/vocals), Nick Baum (vocals/percussion), Zac Flynn (bass/synth), and Tanner Bardin (drums), the group has become a live Denver-staple, playing Mission Ballroom, Cervantes, The Fillmore, and The Ogden. They’re also an experienced studio project, endearing themselves to audiences through a…

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Interview With Dark Dazey

Up-and-coming psyche rockers from Los Angeles chat with InternetFM. There’s a strange new flower growing in the American psychedelic rock scene.  Last month, Dark Dazey was in the midst of a large west coast tour, but they still took a bit of time to chat with us about their newest single and the other projects…

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An Interview with Mamalarky

Recently, we went downtown to catch a show at Schuba’s Tavern. The headliner act, Mamalarky, is incredibly hard to pin down. They have elements of Indie Rock, and of Psychedelic Pop, but don’t fit neatly into either genre. There’s a wondrous, captivating thread of Avant Garde that weaves in and out of their music, stitching…

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The Al Stewart Interview

There are so few songwriters who can truly create word pictures or incorporate complex subjects into their songs. Cat Stevens, Paul Simon, Donald Fagen, and Bernie Taupin come to mind. Perhaps John Lennon or Bruce Springsteen as story tellers. But if you want someone else who absolutely belongs on that lofty list, look no further…

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John Fogerty Interview

courtesy: The former Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman is doing what a a number of popular musicians have been doing lately, that is headline a residency in one of the many performance venues in Las Vegas. That was what led to an opportunity to interview Fogerty. The offer was too good to pass up, and…

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