2023: Our royalty costs now exceed $3000 per year. Your donations to us go directly back to cover licensing fees so the artists we play can be paid for their music.

We accept donations from Venmo. If you have a Venmo account. It’s a better option for us. PayPal takes 2.9% plus $0.30 from every donation. By contrast, Venmo takes on 1.9%, plus a $0.10 fee.

Venmo does not yet provide a button, so please scan the QR code below, or log into your Venmo account and enter @InternetFM – our Venmo name.

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Preferred donation method

or, log into your Venmo account and select @InternetFM

PayPal as an option

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Donations OK, but PayPal takes a bigger percentage than Venmo.

You can also now support us through

2021, 2022: The powers that be have DOUBLED the cost for song royalties through SoundExchange – our cost to bring you this music is now more than $2700 A YEAR.  Please, please help us stay commercial free with a secure donation of any amount!

2020 and 2019: Thanks to everyone who continues to support us. The current licensing to legally play all the music you hear on Acid Flashback costs almost $2000 a year. Please help us defray this and other costs with a donation of any amount. We use PayPal, so your donation is safe. They take 3%, every bit of the rest goes to cover licensing and streaming costs!


We have kept our costs as low as possible.  And thanks to listeners who continue to donate, we have avoided polluting our signal with annoying ads.  We can still use your help. Please see the links below how your contribution of any size can keep the lights on!

Update  2017:

Thanks to all who helped us stay on the air in 2016. We have a lot planned for 2017 and need your help. That includes the launch of a new station, and improvements to Acid Flashback Radio. A donor has offered to match dollar for dollar, everything listeners donate up to $600. It may not seem like a lot, but it will ensure our ability to operate, as well as some limited marketing to enhance our visibility.

You can click on the links at the bottom, and go right to a safe PayPal donation page. Every dollar goes right to the operating budget (minus PayPal fees.)  Rock on!

Update Summer 2016:

We’ve raised just over 12% of what we need to keep bringing you the best free form rock music anywhere – at no charge!

Please consider a nominal donation to help offset our expenses. 100% of the money goes to cover out operating costs.

Update February 2016:

There is NO provision for small webcasters like Acid Flashback Radio. We are not small enough to be a non commercial station, and therefore need our listeners’ help to stay on the air and be commercial free.

Update Dec 2015:
New royalty rates are in and unless there is some congressional intervention, our 2016 licensing costs are going to triple!

We need your help more than ever to afford to stay on the air!

We greatly appreciate the support of our listeners. Acid Flashback Radio is brought to you commercial free at a cost of over $1200 a year. (Now that will just cover licensing at our present levels) It does not include the cost of the streams themselves or web hosting.

Your donations through Pay Pal help defray the costs of web hosting, audio streaming, and music licensing.

$10 donation – song request and on-air shout out (for the price of one month on Spotify, you can help pay for a year of Acid Flashback)

$25 donation – all the above, plus two bumper stickers

$50 or more – above, plus personalized, autographed Acid Flashback 5 x 8 poster

Or, donate safely and securely with the regular PayPal link.

Having that safety net of operating expenses allows us to use additional funds for marketing and growing the station and the network.  100% of all money raised (after PayPal or Venmo fees) will go directly to the expenses described above.

Thanks for your support!