Sweet Sixteen Recap, Spring Training – 3/26/15

Clockwise from top: Steve Leventhal, Jeff Rich, Dave Rusch, and John Poulter

On The Weekend Sports Report with Packer Dave and Steve Leventhal

…. Jeff Rich  join us for a discussion of Thursday night’s Sweet Sixteen action in the NCAA tournament, including a look at the North Carolina – Wisconsin and his thoughts on where does the Kentucky team rank among great college basketball teams of the past thirty years.  Steve traveled to Arizona this week and accompanied John Poulter and Dave to several spring training games.  Dave makes fun of Steve for his frugality on the trip.  They also continue the discussion of March baseball in the Cactus League.

Don’t miss cameos from Chris Berman and Bob Uecker, as well as his alter ego, Harry Doyle from “Major League.”

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