Song Of The Day by Eric Berman – “Good Shepherd” by Jefferson Airplane


The epiphany of an eight year old… The backdrop of my childhood played out with images of the Viet Nam war and the unrest that culminated in the protests at the 1968 Democratic Convention coming over the television screen. While I wasn’t privy to what it all meant, I did know that the world around […]

Today in Rock History – May 13th


1967, The Monkees second album “More Of The Monkees”, went to No.1 on the charts. In 1967 only four albums reached No.1; “The Sound Of Music” which spent 17 weeks at No.1, The Beatles “Sgt Pepper”s”, 25 weeks at No.1 and The Monkees first and second albums spent 9 weeks at No.1. 1967, The Supremes […]