InternetFM app version 1.6 released

New app, new features, how-to video!

We are pleased to make available a new update to the InternetFM app. It includes several new features, new stations, and updated artwork.

The most important enhance found in this version is the sideways view. Turn your mobile phone 90 degrees to get our horizontal view of the radio dashboard. If you have a pop socket, sit it on a table or desktop. If you have a car adapter, mount it on your dash for a realistic car radio experience.

Customize the horizontal view – arrange the buttons 2 x 3, 3 x 2 or 1 x 6.

Continue to swipe left and right to see more station groups. And don’t forget that you can arrange the station buttons any way your like to include all your favorite stations in one place. Simply press and hold and empty or occupied button to make changes.

Check out how-to video on using the new features.