On this episode of The 3D RadioActivity, we are playing songs by artists who have more than one first name. You are probably saying to yourself, “Self, What is Uncle Marty talking about?” Well, let me tell you. All of the artists on the show have what is considered a different kind of bond to create this theme, their last name could be their first, which can be confusing to some folks whose life is based on logical order. A given name, in Western contexts often refers to as a first name, is a personal name that specifies and differentiates between members of a group of individuals, especially in a family, all of whose members usually share the same family name (surname) or last name. Like your brothers Tom, John, and your sisters Catherine and Sue. It is purposefully given, usually by a child’s parents at or near birth, in contrast to an inherited one such as a family name that you all share. With those details in mind, we will be featuring artists who have two first names, as their family surname is also a common given name. Every artist this time has a common first moniker as their last we feature music on a first name basis as every artist would be most likely to answer if you called them by either. You get the idea, and if you don’t, you should be able to by the end of the show.

More First Name Basis on  The Award Winning 3D RadioActivity

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Uncle Marty

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