MOVE – it is a transitive and intransitive verb which can mean to budge, dislocate, displace, disturb, relocate, remove, reposition, shift, transfer, or transpose. The Origin comes via Middle English, from Anglo-French mover, moveir, from Latin movere; probably akin to Sanskrit mivati he moves, pushes. The First Known Use was in the 13th century. A while back, we did show #109, at the request of my dear friend Debbie from Ambrosia Euro American Patisserie  in Barrington IL who suggested that I do a show that really moves. If you go there and mention The 3D RadioActivity, you can be sure that they will treat you like family, as they do for everyone. That’s one of the things that makes Ambrosia a very special place. I’m Uncle Marty, this is The 3D RadioActivity, and on this episode we will focus on the second movement.
Photo: The Second Movement of The 3D RadioActivity
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~ Pete Seeger