Song Of The Day by Eric Berman – “Labrador” by Aimee Mann

Aimee Man has been creating articulate character sketches in song since the 1980s when she was MTV-marketed as part of the group ‘Til Tuesday and could regularly be seen (heavily made up) singing “Voices Carry” sandwiched between Milli Vanilli and Culture Club videos. After the demise of ‘Til Tuesday, Mann set out on a solo career making some of the purest pop for now people, and her latest album, “Charmer” deftly continues this trend with aplomb. After ‘Til Tuesday, she attained greater fame when her song “Save Me” from the film “Magnolia” was nominated for a Grammy and Academy Award in 1998. After numerous setbacks with major record labels, she finally launched her own Superego label in 1999 and began self-releasing records. She’s essentially been making the same record over and over again (albeit a great one) featuring brainy lyrics that dissect slices of life into sharp tales of love and love lost, melded to her keen sense of hummable melody. “Labrador” turns her attentions to devotion and relationships, and the song’s video recreates the “Voices Carry” video shot for shot in a new context.  She is currently touring behind “Charmer” and working on bringing her 2005 concept album about a boxer called “The Forgotten Arm” to the stage.