Song Of The Day by Eric Berman – “Red Tide” by Foxboro Hot Tubs

“The only difference between Green Day and Foxboro Hot Tubs is that we are the same band,” said Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong when queried about the band and their 2008 “debut” album called “Stop, Drop and Roll.” The Hot Tubs started out as an excuse for Green Day to get together, drink some wine and bash out some garage rock. Once they got going, the alter ego became an easy way to escape the celebrity that surrounds Green Day and allow the group to play tiny clubs. However, before the record was released and shortly after they started posting songs online, their cover was blown. So now, Green Day perform Foxboro Hot Tub songs as a mini set during their concerts. Many of the Tubs’ songs reference the riffage of groups like the Yardbirds, the Stones, the Monkees and dozens of others ‘60s groups. This one pays homage to the Kinks’ classic “Tired Of Waiting For You.” And as for the mother band, Green Day will be releasing three separate albums (called “Uno,” “Dos” and “Tres”) over a six month period starting this September.