Song Of The Day by Eric Berman – “That Time Is Gone” by The db’s

Like manna from the heavens, the Gods of rock ‘n’ roll have bestowed upon us a brand new album from The db’s, their first in 25 years, called “Falling Off The Sky.” Writing concise jangly pop tunes with hooks that grab you and keep you coming back is not an easy feat, yet these veterans make it seem easy. This album is no different; it is stuffed to the brim with great songs performed to power pop perfection by guys who have been doing this for a lifetime. With the exception of their last studio album, The db’s always were, and still are Peter Holsapple on guitar and keyboards, Gene Holder on bass, Chris Stamey on guitars and Will Rigby on drums, with an assist by power pop producer extraordinaire Mitch Easter on guitars. On this record, it’s like the last 25 years never happened, and that’s a good thing! Not only that, but after a few spins the hooks begin to grab you…and they don’t let go! Here’s a live version of the album’s lead track.