Song Of The Day by Eric Berman – “Russian Lullaby” by Jerry Garcia

Like his first solo album, Jerry Garcia’s second solo album was plainly title “Garcia.” When promo copies were shipped to reviewers upon its release in 1974, the cover came with a “Compliments” sticker on it and reviewers believed the record was titled “Compliments Of Garcia,” hence the record became known by that title. When it was re-released on CD in the 1990s, the title was officially changed to “Compliments.” I always liked going to see the Jerry Garcia Band in concert more than seeing the Dead. While I love the Dead repertoire, a Garcia show always promised a more interesting set of material featuring many covers that you wouldn’t think would be associated with the lead guitarist of the Grateful Dead. “Russian Lullaby,” written by Irving Berlin, was one of them. The song was written in 1927 and performed at the opening of The Roxy Theater in New York on March 11, 1927. The clarinet on this track was played by none other than Geoff Muldaur.