This is The 282nd episode of The 3D RadioActivity, as this time we check out how one particular word in the English language is full of problems like the one presented by there, their and they’re. It is not to be confused with the contraction or the possessive adjective. Most native English speakers pronounce these the same way (the words are known as homophones); therefore, it is difficult for some to determine which spelling to use. Each means a very different thing, and it is important to communicate clearly and correctly in written correspondence and in business or academic writing. Let’s consider the use of there when referring to a place. either concrete “Look Over There”, “over there by the building” or more abstract ~ “it must be difficult to live there”.   We also use there with “to be” verbs, as in there is or there are. Other uses include: adverb ~ She is there now; pronoun ~ There is no hope;
noun ~ I’ll introduce you, but you’re on your own from there on; adjective ~ Ask that man there; interjection ~ There! It’s done; Idiom ~ been there, done that…
So let’s take heed of the words used by great philosophers ranging from Buddah, and Confucius to Firesign Theatre or Buckaroo Banzi ~ “Remember, wherever you go, there you are!”

The RadioActivity Is Spinning There

The RadioActivity Is Spinning There!

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