They Said It – Hero & Zero of the Week

Gisele Bundchen - Mrs. Tom Brady

Clark Griffith, Owner of the Washington Senators, about the team: “The fans like to see home runs, and we have assembled a pitching staff for their enjoyment.”

From the other calendar, a Prosecutor to a witness, after being told by the Judge he can’t ask the witness what he was told by someone else: “Very well then, Mr. Davies. Without telling me what he said to you, what did he tell you to say?”

Happy Birthday to Glenn Beck!

From nightlines, Jimmy Fallon: “In 2011, China will end America’s 110 year run as the #1 manufacturing country in the World. That gives me a great idea. We should start making the one thing we know the world will really need: ‘Made in China’ labels.”

For the HERO of the week, how about Jesse Waters, a producer of The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News. Okay, I imagine not too many of y’all know who he is, or watch The Factor, but his pieces on the show are hilarious! He does a series of interviews with people on the street, yesterday it was a bunch of students at Yale, getting opinions of ‘Sex Week’, which is being celebrated this week at the college. (That’s another story). He asks 1-2 questions to each person, getting a quick answer, and movie clips are interspersed within the segment. Last night they had clips from Animal House, Sixteen Candles, Caddyshack, and have had many other movies represented over the years. I think his segments are usually on Thursday nights, y’all should check them out. Pretty good!

For the ZERO of the week, we’ll go with Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen. All of you have probably heard her rag the Patriots receivers, for a couple of drops, which if caught, may have won the Super Bowl for them. She’s been criticized a little for what she said, but if she was not a Super-Model, she would have been slammed nationwide, by everyone. ALL players know that’s one of the unwritten ‘rules’, a player’s wife or parent or brother or whoever can’t blame someone else on the team for a loss.

Happy Weekend to all.